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Microsoft Office Word 2007 Product Key?

I got a laptop on Christmas with Windows 7 and it came with Microsoft Office Word. Everytime I open it up the first thing it doesn is ask me for a product key code and its annoying so I want to find out what my product key code is so it will stop asking me. Is [...]

Can Some Help Me With Microsoft Word 2003 Read The Details?

it is from a windows disc that came with the computer but i lost the sticker that had the product code on it. can someone lend me one?

Lost My 25 Digit Code For Microsoft Word. What Can I Do?

So I had to reboot my computer and now i’m starting all over from scratch. I downloaded word, it’s from 2002 when i got the computer, oh course it not in the box all the junk came in 7 years ago, but now i can’t use word b/c i have to register, and to register [...]

Help With Ms Word Product Registration.?

I have had this computer since 03 and never registered the MS Word software. I tried today, using the 25 digit product key code that is on the sticker on the back of the computer and its telling me its not valid. Does it expire after a certain amount of time? I shouldn’t have to pay for [...]

How Do You “unlock” A Document In Microsoft Word 2007?

I was typing a document and when i later went to open it and continue typing, it said it was locked and i can not go any further. Also, i recently purchased microsoft works taks launcher, but it still prompts me to enter a product code when i open up word. I threw away the package it came in, i [...]

How To Come Off Compatibility Mode In Word 2007?

i was asked by word to enter my product code may may times but i cancelled it as i did not have it, and it still let me type and everything every time, but today as i went to type something it said my document was in that mode, it wont let me type or save or select [...]

Why Wont Microsoft Word Work?

It keeps asking me for the stupid product code. Where do I get the stupid code? My computer is a 2006 and the word program is 2003.

Did I Ever Get A Registration Code For My Microsoft Word?

When I first bought my laptop (HP) it Microsoft Word and stuff on it. And when I would use it, it would ask for a 25-character product key. I don’t remember ever getting one with my laptop. Can I still get it? Or was that just a free trial?

Microsoft Word Product Key; It Worked Before, All Of A Sudden It Asks For The Key?

I’ve used it lots of times and it was already pre-installed onto the computer. Does any one have the code for it, or why it all of a sudden quit working?

I Just Purchased A New Laptop. When I Open My Excel Or Word Programs It Keeps Asking Me For Some Type Of Code

The problem is I threw out the box & package that it came in so I don’t know where the code is. It keeps telling me that I can use excel for a short time but that eventually I will not be able to use it unless I enter in my product code (I think that [...]

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